Adult Men’s League
  Registration Information
  Ages:    Adult Men (Can not be in high school)
  Session: 1 2    
  Deadline: 1/5 5/25    
  Start: 1/22 6/11    
  End: 4/9 8/30    
  League Fee $525 per team $400 per team    
  *All players must have like colored jerseys with numbers. 
  *All league fees are per person based on 8 players per team. Individual registration forms must be filled out by all team members.
  *Late fee of $50/team will be enforced
  Game Information

Game Length:

Four (10) minute quarters

  ** Special note for teams: A team not having enough players required at the start of the game will forfeit the game. A team must have at least 5 players to start the game, If a team forfeits twice in the same session, they will be removed from the league the remainder of the session and forfeit all fees
  League Days
  Adult Men Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday
  * Please be prepared to play once a week on one of these evenings
  * Game time Gym II reserves the right to change schedules at anytime. This will not be done unless absolutely necessary! GTG2 will stay with the above schedule as long as registration numbers allow. 
  Game Time Gym II will not reschedule a game due to inclement weather. If a team is unable to field enough rostered players they will be forced to forfeit without rescheduling and the remaining team will have use of the court.
  – All participants must be out of high school by the league deadline
  Required Equiptment
  All players should wear athletic shoes without black soles!
  Adult Men's Basketball League Flyer