Skills Training

Volleyball Skills Training

 Game Time Gym's Volleyball Skills is perfect for you if you are looking for a way to hone your volleyball skills. If you are new to the game, the teaching and fundamental instruction would also be a great fit for you. Illinois Extreme (Game Time Gym's Club Team) Coaches will be leading all Volleyball Skills classes. Emilly Orrick, former 2 year ISU Libero starter, will be the head instructor. These classes will have station work each week featuring multiple skills development training.

Volleyball Skills Flyer

Baseball Skills Training

Normal West Varsity Baseball Coach Chris Hawkins headlines the Game Time Gym Baseball Skills Training class.  Through stations and drills, players will have the opportunity to improve their individual baseball skills from one of the very best instructors in the area.  Each week, players will be separated into age groups and led through skill development drills aimed at improving individual fundamentals.

Baseball Skills Flyer

Soccer Skills Training

Looking for a place to improve your soccer skills? Game Time Gym and Illinois Soccer Academy will be offering weekly individual soccer skills training with emphasis on getting maximum number of touches on the ball, playing all positions, and working on game-like situations. Click on the link below for more information!

Individual Soccer Skills Training

Softball Pitching Instruction

Current BJHS Head Softball Coach, Megan Nonnemacher, will lead the players through the fundamentals of softball pitching. One of the most skill specific positions in all of sports, starting your daughter off with the correct form or making slight adjustments can make a huge difference in their success. Coach Nonnemacher is a great coach for the job!

Softball Pitching Instruction Flyer

Lacrosse Skills Training

Game Time Gym is proud to present our brand new program, Lacrosse Skills Training! This is a sport that is growing fast in Central Illinois and there is no better place to learn the fundamental skills of Lacrosse than Game Time Gym. All necessary equipment will be provided.

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ISU Competitive Cheer Team Camp

Game Time Gym will be offering introduction to Cheerleading camps for girls K through 8th grade. This camp will be a great way to learn the basics of cheerleading and learn from an experienced coach. These camps will focus on fundamentals of sideline cheers and dance routines. The last day of each session, the girls will perform at halftime of one of the boys basketball games.

Cheerleading Skills Camp Flyer 

Pitching Instruction with Steve Paxson

Current U-High Head Coach Steve Paxson will lead junior high boys through the fundamentals of pitching. One of the most fundamental and skill specific positions in all of sports, starting your son off with the correct form or making slight adjustments can make a huge difference in their success. Coach Paxson is a great coach for the job.

Pitching Instruction Flyer