Youth/High School
  Registration Information
  Ages:       U6 – High School, Boys and Girls
  Session: 1 2 3  
  Deadline: 9/18 10/23 1/8  
  Start: 10/8 11/26 2/4  
  End: 11/12 1/28 3/11  
  Games: 6 Games 8 Games 6 Games  
  Youth Team Fee: $550 $625 $550  
  Youth Ind. Fee: $55 $65 $55  
  High School Team Fee: $650 $725 $650  
  High School Ind. Fee: $65 $75 $65  
  *Minimum of 10 players on a team
  *Late Fees of $5/individual 
  * If a team does not want GTG to add players to their team, team must pay the team fee. To receive the team discount all individual registration forms, team registration form, and 1 check only will be accepted
  Game Information
Players on Field:
U6 and U8 – 5 v 5 Cross Field
U10 and U12 – 6 v 6 w/ Keeper
U14 and Above – 5 v 5 w/ Keeper


Game Length:
U12 and Below – Two 20 minute halves
U14 and Above – Two 24 minute halves
Continuous clock for all ages
Game Ball:
U6 & U8 – Size 3 ball will be used
U10 & U12 – Size 4 ball will be used
U14 & above – Size 5 ball will be used
  ** Special note for teams HS and Above: A team not having enough players required at the start of the game will forfeit the game. A team must have at least 5 players to start the game, If a team forfeits twice in the same session, they will be removed from the league the remainder of the session and forfeit all fees
  League Days
  U6 Girls/Boys Saturday  
  U8 Boys Saturday  
  U8 Girls Saturday  
  U10 Boys Friday  
  U10 Girls Saturday  
  U12 Boys Monday  
  U12 Girls Thursday  
  U14 Boys Tuesday  
  U14 Girls Thursday  
  HS JV Boys Sunday  
  HS Varsity Boys Sunday  
  HS Girls Sunday  
  * Game time Gym II reserves the right to change schedules at anytime. This will not be done unless absolutely necessary! GTG2 will stay with the above schedule as long as registration numbers allow. 
  Game Time Gym II will not reschedule a game due to inclement weather. If a team is unable to field enough rostered players they will be forced to forfeit without rescheduling and the remaining team will have use of the court.
  League eligibility is based upon a players age as of 8/1/16.
  – To be eligible for U14, you must be 13 or younger by or on, 8/1/16.
  – HS JV (Participants must be a Freshmen or Sophomore)
  – HS Varsity (Any class Freshman – Senior)
  – All HS teams must have an adult coach on their bench at all times.
  Required Equipment
  Shin guards are required of all players regardless of age! 
  Special Note To Particpants: IMPORTANT!
  Game Time Gym II will be requiring that all High School teams & younger wear the Game Time Gym II t-shirts as the official uniform for our leagues. There will be NO exceptions. T-shirt cost is $18.
  Youth/High School Indoor Soccer League Flyer